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Video Series for Tonic

Case Study


Tonic, a comprehensive mobile-based health and wellness platform introduced by Telenor Group (which also holds a majority stake in Grameenphone in Bangladesh), makes high quality health information, advice, and services accessible to its end users. The services provided by Tonic, while not too complicated, are a bit difficult to be communicated easily to the target audience, especially using static visuals or written information, which can often be hard to understand, lengthy or boring. So we stepped in and made four informative, attractive, easy to understand, short and fun animated videos to highlight the four main Tonic features: Tonic Jibon, Tonic Doctor, Tonic Discount and Tonic Cash.


Content Strategy

We put on our thinking caps, rolled up our sleeves and embarked upon the challenging task of ideating, storyboarding, scripting and finally animating the 4 short, impactful, engaging and informative 2-D animated video series.

The objective of this video series was to deliver a lot of information within a short amount of time, while keeping the viewers captivated with the video and also increase the amount of Tonic members. This would be significantly difficult to achieve with live video, which would end up being lengthy and dreary. Hence, a 2-D animated video series was a better option to effectively introduce the services provided by Tonic and retain the attention of viewers.

We began by identifying the specific benefits that Tonic would provide to its customers, and imagined real life scenarios in which a customer would be able to solve simple problems with the help of Tonic’s services. By painting a relatable story in which Tonic plays the role of the “saviour”, we were able to introduce Tonic to the customers.

Media Planning

Since the services provided by Tonic were new and unique for the users in Bangladesh and involved multiple steps, we realized that it would be counterproductive to present all the information through static Facebook visuals. By dedicating short 2-D animated videos for each of the four services, we would be able to explain all the required steps with clarity and brevity in order to familiarize the target audience with the concept of Tonic.

Moreover, videos have become one of the most popular forms of digital content since they are considered to be highly effective, which gave it precedence over static visuals or written information.

All of the videos in the series followed a central theme and incorporated a unified “call-to-action” to get a Tonic subscription for free by dialing *789#.  The information was conveyed in a fun, conversational tone in order to keep the target audience engaged and ensure that the content was easy to understand.

Since Facebook is one of the most visited platforms in Bangladesh, we chose it as our preferred social media platform over YouTube etc. Facebook provides a greater reach at a lower cost and makes it easier to track engagement. In addition to that, the videos were posted in the Tonic website to complement detailed information regarding the service offerings.


The animated videos were viewed in excess of 43k times across the Facebook page, having reached more than 298k people and with more than 40k unique viewers. They also resulted in significant increase in engagement and awareness among the target audience. Consequently,  the outcome of the 3 month campaign was highly positive, with Tonic enjoying a 51% increase in the number of subscribed members from December 2016 to March 2017.


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