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Assistant Manager, Finance and Administration

Full Time

Boomerang Digital is looking for an Assistant Manager, Finance and Administration to engage in financial analysis in areas such as forecasting, budgeting, engaging in cost reduction analysis, and reviewing operational performance of the organization.

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee all the operations (billing, account management etc) of the finance department and prepare necessary financial statements (cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet etc).
  • Constantly monitor and record all financial transactions, accounting policies and procedures of the company.
  • Prepare periodical budgets and revise them when necessary.
  • Forecast cash flow positions and related borrowing needs, to ensure the availability of sufficient funds for ongoing and future operations.
  • Regular review and reconciliation of all bank accounts (company’s as well as the employees’) and credit card statements are regularly reviewed and reconciled.
  • Ensure that national and foreign taxes, including Bangladesh and overseas VAT and withholding taxes are fully understood and that these are complied to.
  • Deal with the company’s bank in respect of payments and receipts, foreign currency rate negotiations.  
  • Oversee all company liability transactions and if required liaise with banks on loan issues.
  • Oversee the special purchases and office maintenance activities.
  • Oversee the vendor management process.
  • Maintain all business transaction and human resource documents.
  • Efficiently manage all external contracts and ensure that all the company’s expenditure are correctly authorised and accounted for.
  • Maintain a company calendar and schedule in-house and external events accordingly.
  • Ensure the replenishment and availability of office equipments and other daily requirements.
  • Monitor the overall housekeeping process.
  • Compile key finance and administration metrics and recommend improvement activities to the management.

Skills and Experience

  • A Bachelor's Degree from a renowned university with major in Finance & Accounting.
  • A minimum of 2 years of working experience in an organization as Finance Executive/Manager.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • A sound knowledge in MS Excel and/or other financial tools.
  • An analytical approach to work.
  • High numeracy and sound technical skills.
  • Ability to detect numerical anomalies on reports at a glance.

Bonus Skills

  • A master of Numbers.

Job Benefits

  • Opportunity to work in a young, dynamic and fun environment with one of the best teams in the country.
  • Opportunity to learn immensely in a short period of time.
  • Hands on experience working with top brands.
  • Free lunch and tea; occasional ice-cream, pizzas and snacks!

Job Details

  • Work days: Saturday to Thursday (6 Days)
  • Compensation: Negotiable (depending on skill-set & experience)


25 July 2018

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