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  • Big House Clothing, a Bangladeshi clothing brand is planning to start their business from January 2019. Their inspirations are brands like H&M, Zara, United Colors of Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger and wants to produce colorful, trendy and casual, semi-casual clothes. Their main target audience are the youths and middle aged people.
    • Currently there are big brands like Ecstasy, Yellow, Urban Truth, Sailor and Noir who are targeting similar target groups with similar products.
    • They want to create a brand positioning that will be unique and stand out from the competitors as well as create a unique appeal amongst its target audience.
    • Prices of their products will range from mid to high.

    You are hired as the brand manager for Big House Clothing and have complete freedom to design how the brand should be portrayed to the target audience. You are required to submit the following: